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Every EV owner knows the challenge. Finding a charging station doesn`t mean to be able to charge. Charging cards of several providers are necessary to survive in a jungle of charging stations. When planning a trip you need to subscribe with complicated processes at different CPOs, credit checks in advance or in best case subscribe at a roaming partner with additional costs.

Now that complicated and boring process will become history. ENIO, already managing over 2500 charging points in whole Europe has implemented a new payment method. You only need a Smart phone and a valid credit card or bankcard with secure code. Scanning a QR code or entering the charging station number you have approached with your EV starts a Web application or APP where you can pay within seconds and anonymous without any membership or roaming card. By means of that solution, based on the secure payment process of wirecard® EV drivers now can pay single charges or continuous membership pre-paid access at every ENIO supported charging station from different Charge point operators, avoiding complicated subscribing processes. For details enter the (sorry only German) press releaseQR Bezahlung

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