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ENIO Smart Charging Technology

Charging e-vehicles is becoming a fixed component for companies and real estate operators. The Smart Charging Technology developed by ENIO integrates a wide range of factors: How many cars are charging? Which vehicles require how much energy? How can sustainable energy from wind and photovoltaics be optimally used? This is what ENIO charging solutions do More efficient, sustainable and cost-saving

With this solution, ENIO takes shop to a new level and was awarded the Digital Impulse Award excellent.

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Winner at the Digital Impuls Award

ENIO is a proud winner of the Digital Impulse Award and takes first place. 3rd place in the innovation category. The prize is awarded annually by "Die Presse" and "Drei Business" and honours innovative and trend-setting digital projects. 

The advantages of ENIO Smart Charging

  • Energy-efficientWe offer more than load management - we enable energy management. 

  • Cost-optimisingWe optimise your energy costs - you save money and time.

  • Provider-independent: We work with all professional charging station providers.