Load management for charging infrastructure

Why load management?

As a leading provider of charging infrastructure, ENIO has been developing software to optimise charging operations for about a decade. Today, ENIO's solutions are in use throughout Europe and save our customers costs day after day. Regardless of the hardware, because the ENIO Smart Charging Technology is compatible with all manufacturers.

With the dynamic load management of the ENIO Smart Charging Technology gives your charging infrastructure more flexibility, save costs and have the security, also prepared for the increasing demands of users to be.


Charging stations ENIO

Avoid load peaks

In residential buildings, for example, residents come home in the evening and want to charge. This creates load peaks that are easily avoidable if the charges are distributed throughout the night. Therefore, a basic rule is that the power should be regulated from 5 charging points.

... and save costs

ENIO Smart Charging Technology saves money from the start. an: Because the existing or planned electricInstallations come with significantly lower connection services - which makes the construction as also the operation of the plant due to lower grid charges far more favourably.

  • Already in the Acquisition pays for itself the ENIO solution from an expansion of about 3 to 5 charging stations.
  • Even with 40 kW of connected load, 20 to 30 charging stations can be without loss of comfort be served.
  • The Savings potential of the provision fees of 40 charging points is about € 50,000 *.

*40 charging points per 11 kW uncontrolled (440 kW) vs. 40 charging points per 11 kW controlled (40 kW)

Your individual needs analysis
We are happy to advise you
We would be happy to conduct a specific needs analysis with you to find the optimal ENIO Smart Charging solution. We look forward to the conversation!

The most important advantages of load management at a glance

  • Lower costs in the construction of the charging infrastructure

  • Avoidance of load peaks Enables lower connected load and lower network costs during operation

  • High user satisfactionbecause charging is based on the user's wishes. (e.g. prioritisation via app or cheap charging through solar power).

  • Up to 3 times the number of charging stations Possible with the same connected load, despite higher charging power per charging station

  • High availability of the charging infrastructure thanks to intelligent power reserves

  • Maximising self-consumption for self-generated electricity

  • Consideration of additional consumers such as garage, heating, cellar or lifts 

The ENIO Sitecontroller

At the heart of the intelligent load management is the ENIO site controller ETS-SC, an embedded computer, fanless and usable in the extended temperature range. A site controller takes over the local processing of the energy management. The charging power is distributed intelligently among the vehicles according to a customisable logarithm. The ENIO site controller thus ensures reliable operation of the charging stations.

The e-cars connected to the charging stations can be prioritised by the ENIO solution according to the user. Other factors, such as available alternative energy sources - e.g. the in-house photovoltaic system or existing buffer batteries - can also be taken into account. 

With the use of the ENIO site controller in combination with the Electric filling station management system ETSweb authorisation and roaming via RFID charging cards or via charging app are also supported.