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E-services for the control of electrical consumers
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User questions

ETZ is a terminal that can be used to activate and deactivate the devices connected to the ETZ (washing machine, dryer, ironing station). A ETZ can control multiple devices at once.

ETSweb is a software and ETZ management system. It is an internet platform of the company ENIO GmbH. ETSweb is used to control user identities, their prepaid accounts, prices, and payment methods. A ETZ terminal can identify the customers, activate washing and drying processes and register consumption accurately. ETZ terminals are operated online via LAN or GSM with the ETSweb platform.

If you have the possibility of an Internet connection, you can use our portal https://etz.enio.at/etz/register/index Register. At the same time you can charge your credit card or a bank card (maestro with secure Code). The condition is the possession of a washing card (identification feature).

Are you in possession of an Android smartphone with Android version from v 5.0 You can also register via the mobile phone and start with our WashApp processes. The mobile phone serves as a replacement for the washing card.

If you do not have one of the two options available, you can also order a washing card by phone. Once you use the card for the first time, the card is automatically registered. You can then charge your balance by means of the requested Erlagscheins. Note: The credit balance will only be updated after 1-2 business days after the transfer, since a check must be carried out first!

ENIO is open Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 17:00 and Friday from 09:00 to 14:00.
Phone Number: + 43 1 934 66 810
E-mail: office@enio.at

It is a plastic card with a built-in contactless electronic chip (radio frequency ID). An RFID card can also be a key fob.
An RFID serves to identify the customer via an internal electronically readable UID number. A so-called feature (card name) is legibly printed on the card. This allows a card to be found in the platform in the event of a problem. The cards can be auto-registered either in the ETSWeb portal or directly at the meter (https://etz.enio.at/etz/register/index).

You can order the wash card either by e-mail at office@enio.at or by telephone on weekdays Monday to Thursday from 09:00 - 17:00 and Friday 09:00 - 14:00 at the telephone number: +43 1 934 66 810.

We try to send the tickets by post on the day of the order. Shipping takes 1-2 working days.

The card costs: 6,50 € + 1,50 € shipping costs. (= 8,00 € per card)
Payment for the card is made either by payment slip or online bank transfer.

In the intended use, we ask you to enter the card number printed on the card and the name of the cooperative. This makes it easier for us to allocate.

Wash cards will be activated after paying the card fee (valid from 01.08.2023)"

Basically, the card is not charged, but the associated account in the platform. With the card you can charge in the portal with a bank credit card (this requires registration in the platform with e-mail address: https://etz.enio.at/etz/register/index).
The credit can also be recharged barrier-free by means of a payment slip or online transfer, these are manual processes and take a correspondingly long time.

The following bank account data are valid for the online transfer to the credit account:
Recipient: ENIO GmbH
IBAN: AT81 2011 1824 2405 7802

The balance is immediately available via an Internet transaction with a credit card!
Charging the credit via Erlagscheine or online transfer lasts: 1-2 business days.

* Internet payment with a credit card.
* At terminals with an NFC cashier (e.g. social building customers) can be directly charged with debit card the washing credit,
* or accessible via payment slip or online transfer (about 2 working days).

Either directly on the display at the ETZ or in the ETSweb portal for registered users.

Please state the printed name of the card (= property management abbreviation and the card number, e.g. ID*heimbau*1234) when making the transfer. Otherwise the credit cannot be allocated!

You save yourself the telephone demand!

Payment slips are only a solution to ensure accessibility.

The bank details required for this are as follows:

IBAN: AT81 2011 1824 2405 7802


The balance can also be recharged during washing or drying,
* Either with a credit card,
* For ETZ with NFC terminals (e.g. social building customers) with an NFC debit card or
* from chip to chip balance transfer from your neighbor.

Balance transfer is the transfer of the balance from one account to another, the accounts are authorized with the respective RFID cards (or chips). The sender and receiver must be on-site with their IDs at the terminals.

Balance transfer is possible for all ETZ. The ETZ must be online at this time.

either online
* via the account from your credit card (immediately) or
* via payment slip or online transfer (lasts 1-2 business days).
The account can always be charged online, even during the washing process.

For ETZs with NFC terminals, it is possible to top up the credit using an ATM card.
– The ETZ must be online.
– The debit card must have the NFC payment unlocked and the limits may not be exceeded (e.g.: 5 payments without a PIN or in total less than €125 payment without pin). Please check with your House bank regarding NFC payments.
Please note: For new bank cards, first pay with a PIN keyboard at a terminal in a store.

– Press OK first (to activate the reader of the NFC terminal).
– Hold your chip (the RFID card) to the NFC reader.
-Your balance is displayed.
– Select the menu item download account with +/-buttons and confirm with OK.
– Select the charge amount with +/-keys and confirm with OK.
– then stop the debit card to the NFC icon. Green light displays must run from left to right. The amount is deducted from your account and the balance is recharged to the account assigned to the chip (RFID card).
(Please note any messages from the NFC terminal that may be displayed, e.g. in case of problems with the card).
– After the successful payment, the new balance is displayed.

The fee for the card and the activation will not be refunded.

Any remaining funds associated with the ID card may be refunded.
If this is desired, please send us an e-mail to office@enio.at with the following data:

Card number and name of the cooperative
Name of the recipient
Bank account Number
With the note: "Referral of credit over XXX, xx €!"
The amount is the balance you last saw at the terminal or on the platform with your ID card. The information is used to check the payment claim.

The following fees apply for the return transfer of the credit balance:
Handling fee: 1,50€

Car registration:
If you have received a new card, it is sufficient for autoregistration if you keep the card at the ETZ in front of the reader, but there is no credit on your account of the card.

Charging the credit via internet payments:
To top up the credit, registration (login) is required in the ETSWeb Portal either with an RFID wash card or a WashApp.

Identification at the ETZ terminal (can also be replaced by using an Android smartphone from Android version 5.0 in conjunction with the ENIO-WashApp (free of charge in the Google Play Store or in the App Store) instead of an RFID card.

When registering on our homepage https://etz.enio.at/etz the ID number ("card name", e.g. ID*heimbau*1234) printed on the card must be entered in the RFID card field.

Via WASHAPP and with the Bluetooth function of your mobile phone you can authorize yourself at a ETZ terminal and then start a washing or drying process. The requirement is that your mobile phone is registered with the WASHAPP in the platform.

The condition is that the operator of the laundry room uses the ETZ of ENIO GmbH to control the equipment.
– After downloading the WashApp you have to sign in with "Register menu" on the platform, then you are registered with a AppID as a user with your mobile phone in the ENIO portal (the registration does not have to be done before a ETZ, but can be in any place with good GSM reception.)
- After completing the registration process, you are also logged in to the ETZweb portal. You can then immediately top up your credit by credit card.
- If you have credit in the ETZweb portal, you can log on to an ETZ via Bluetooth, i.e. "start an operation". Further operation is then carried out on the ETZ via the buttons and the display.

To start an operation, please confirm with OK on the screen the message: * Authorize with OK button *. Your balance and the internal card number are displayed (approximately 10 seconds). Then use the OK button to select the device (device 1, 2, etc.). Select the value and confirm with OK (below value are the following information to understand: energy meter in kwh, time counter in minutes or pulses for program machines). Confirm the selected value with OK. Press OK to start the device (* activated *).

You must select the energy or time required for your washing or drying process.
However, you can only post as much amount of energy or time as your balance allows.
The specific values (€ per kwh, € per minute) determines the property management.
The values mentioned here for kwh and time are only to be considered as average values, in the end this depends on the type and size of the devices:

95 Degree Wash1,970-100
60 degree Wash1,260-90
40 degree Wash0,545-60
Extra drying4,3100
Drying Cabinet3,895
Bar Moist 03,275
Hanger wet 002,970
Lack moist2,360

Please note: The selected kwh or the time must be considered as maximum values in order to reserve the existing balance. Only the real consumption of energy or time is debited when the process is finished!

To start a washing process, please confirm with OK on the screen the message: * Authorize with OK button *. Your balance and the internal card number are displayed (approximately 10 seconds). Then use the OK button to select the device (device 1, 2, etc.). Select the value and confirm with OK (below value are the following information to understand: energy meter in kwh, time counter in minutes or pulses for program machines). Confirm the selected value with OK. Press OK to start the device (* activated *).

a. Authorize / Map / App
Error message to be reported to service number: +43 1 934 66 - 810 (Monday to Thursday 09:00 - 17:00 and Friday 09:00 - 14:00) or by e-mail: office@enio.at.

b. Balance too low:
The credit on the wash card is too low. You have to top up a new credit or choose a lower value.

c. Occupied
Another user uses the selected appliance (washing machine, dryer, etc.). Select another device. If the appliance is displayed as occupied even though no washing process is active, you can change the setting in the menu under *Select action* that *Exit device* (with OK button).

d. Not found
Please check if your card is correct. You can also call +43 1 934 66 810 on weekdays Monday to Thursday from 09:00 - 17:00 and Friday 09:00 - 14:00 to check. Outside the operating hours we would like to ask you to send an e-mail to office@enio.at please (in the e-mail please include following information in: location, date, time of authorisation, card number and the name of the cooperative).

e. Operation disrupted offline
The unit shows an error. Call the number: +43 1 934 66 810 or your property management on weekdays Monday to Thursday from 09:00 - 17:00 and Friday 09:00 - 14:00. Please state the location, date, approximate time and your card number. Outside the operating hours we would like to ask you to send an e-mail to office@enio.at please.

f. Welcome Card Complete
The connection to the control unit has been interrupted. The device must be de-energized for at least 10 seconds. Please wait 3 minutes until the start screen appears (in exceptional cases this can take up to 10 minutes). Continue with *Authorize* and confirm with OK.

g. Message not possible
After 5 payments with NFC ATM function, your bank card requires a transaction with a PIN entry, i.e. payment at a PIN-enabled supermarket cash desk, shop or petrol station, anywhere PIN payment is possible. A cash withdrawal at an ATM is also effective. Five NFC payments can then be made again without entering a PIN.

h. Card not supported
Please check if your card is correct. To check, call Monday to Thursday from 09:00 - 17:00 and Friday from 09:00 - 14:00 the number: +43 1 934 66 - 810 or write to office@enio.at.

i. ETZ offline
No internet connection, please contact your property manager or the ENIO number: +43 1 934 66 810 (weekdays Monday to Thursday from 09:00 - 17:00 and Friday 09:00 - 14:00) or send an e-mail to office@enio.at.

+43 676 842 846 822, this number is available Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 17:00 and Friday from 09:00 to 14:00.
You can also reach us on weekdays at +43 1 934 66 810 or send us your enquiry by e-mail: office@enio.at.

Please have the following information ready:
Location (address of the laundry room)
Card number and name of the cooperative
Date and time of the error message
Error message from display

We try to answer all inquiries on the same day (weekdays).

The instructions for use of the meter are placed in the laundry rooms.

All devices connected to the meter can be started at the same time.

- Hold the card in the reading area (for social buildingcustomers: before OK press)
When the card is detected, your balance and the internal card number (UID) is displayed (approximately 10 seconds).
- Then select with OK the action *Start the device*
- Select the device (Device 1, 2 etc.).
- Select the VALUE and confirm with OK
(VALUE means the following information: energy counter in kWh, time counter in minutes or pulses for program machines).
- Elected VALUE please with OK confirm (the display will also be in €)
- With OK-key, the device is started (*Activated*).

The settlement takes place:
a) after you have performed the procedure by operating the ETZ accordingly (Select action - Exit device).
b) if no energy output is measured within a certain time for devices with energy output (e.g. after 90 min)
c) if the booked time for devices with time control elapses
d) automatic for devices with program control (pulse) after a fixed time (e.g. after 5 min)

During washing, you can see the balance that you had on your washing credit account before starting the current washing process, as it is only debited when the washing process is completed.

When you log on to the portal (https://etz.enio.at/etz/) have registered, ...
- you can top up your account with a credit card
- you can control the individual washing processes, the amount of energy consumed and the amount of time spent
- you can see your debits and payments and check the remaining balance.

The ENIO WashApp is available free of charge in the GooglePlay Store and Apple Retail Store to download.
Search parameters: WashApp + ENIO.

We would like to ask you to end the washing process after washing or drying.
To end a wash, confirm the *Authorize with OK button* start screen with OK.
When *Select action* with the +/- key from the menu item, press the *Exit device* Select with OK, confirm with OK.

Each selected device must be terminated individually.

If the individual devices can also be booked separately in the laundry room, but one user only uses one device, another user can authorize himself and use the free devices.

As an option - depending on the respective operator - payment via Blue Code APP can be activated.

Yes, if you want to delete your account permanently, please log in to your account again (https://etz.enio.at/etz/default/index) and use the "Help Desk" function. There you write us in the message your request for deletion of your account!
After deletion you will receive a confirmation by email. We will then delete your email address.

Bluetooth communication problems ("pairing not possible...") occur from time to time with Android and Apple iOS smartphones, making it necessary to reset the Bluetooth driver in the ETZ system (restart). A solution of the problem is unfortunately not possible by means of user programs. In these cases, we ask you to continue to use an RFID card for authentication!

This only happens if a credit is to be topped up with a "recurring payment" (display of credit card number "*************1234"). The credit card company rejects this payment if something has changed in the credit card: number (new credit card), name, expiration date, CVV,...), but the error message says nothing more about it.

Solution: If you delete the suggested credit card number ("x") and enter new credit card details, the payment should work again.

When paying with NFC cards, the following conditions must be observed:
- At the NFC terminals only Maestro and vPay bank cards are accepted ("bank cards"), no credit cards with NFC function.
- We operate the ETZ terminals, but the function of the NFC terminals is the responsibility of the Card Complete Bank and your house bank via your card!
- Your house bank determines for your card where the card can be used!
It is possible that NFC terminals without a PIN keyboard (e.g. automatic terminals in the ETZ) are excluded from use. This means that these cards will work in the supermarket (terminal with PIN keyboard) but not at the ETZ. We do not know these settings of your bank, we do not have access to these settings and therefore we cannot control them! These bank settings are automatically loaded into the terminals by Card Complete on an ongoing basis. In any case, affected cards are immediately rejected by the terminal itself and no booking request is made to Card Complete or the house bank.
- The "limits" of the card are also determined by your house bank! If a limit is exceeded, the card is immediately rejected by the terminal. Limits are always lifted after a transaction with a PIN (supermarket or ATM).
Limits are: First, more than 5 bookings OR - Second, all NFC bookings together are worth more than 125 €.
- The NFC terminal must be online during payment! Please check on the ETZ whether the terminal is online. If the sign "*" is shown on the display, the terminal is offline, please try again later! (Offline, credit can be washed, but the credit cannot be recharged).

No, it is not possible to book the balance on the laundry account in advance.

Questions from the operators

ETZweb is the platform for the laundry rooms: Link to the ETZweb: https://etz.enio.at/etz/
(ETSweb is the platform for e-charge point management for electromobility)

You will find a link to WashApp on the ETZweb registration page. The WashApp is a mobile phone APP and is optionally suitable to the RFID cards as identification of the customer at the ETZ terminal in the laundry room. RFID cards and an APP to a customer can also be used simultaneously.
(It should be noted about the WashApp that experience has shown that Bluetooth connections work with very different quality, especially with Android mobile phones).

According to the contract, the RFID cards issued by the operator (i.e. the property management). However, the operator will not provide them.

RFID cards are used to identify customers at the ETZ terminal. Technically, these are contactless cards according to the MIFARE, 1k Classic standard. These cards do not have to be programmed, but their unique electronic numbers (UID) are included (imported) in the platform and assigned to a property management. In addition, designations (HV names and numbers) are visibly printed on the card and stored with the UID in the platform.
Contactless tokens (keys) that have already been issued in the objects for access may also be used as RFID identities. In these cases, the compatibility must be checked (and UID lists of these tokens must exist).

Printed RFID cards can be issued by ENIO. The costs for this are settled either with the HV or directly with the customer (order with payment slip, sending by mail).

The cost per card: 6,50 € + 1,50€ shipping = 8,00 € per card.

Payment for the card is made either by payment slip or online bank transfer. Washing cards are activated after paying the card fee (valid from 01.08.2023).

In case of order, the ETZ either installs Electrolux as installation partner or ENIO commissions a licensed electrical installation company. The costs for this will be invoiced by Electrolux (or ENIO) depending on the expenditure in the property concerned.
For invoicing purposes, it must be stated who bears the installation costs (property developer, AGM,...).

Online simply means that an online connection must be available to the ETZ terminal in any case. The integration into the platform is pre-programmed in the ETZ and takes place in the final step in the ENIO, during installation a final test of the integration is carried out by the electrician. For invoicing, it must be specified who bears the installation costs (developer, HV,...).

How many devices can be operated with an ETZ depends on the type of billing.

Types of settlement:

  • Measurement of the consumed energy: 2 circuits (3 phase three-phase current / 40kW) fit into one ETZ.
  • Billing over booked time: also 2 circuits (3 phase three-phase current / 40kW) fit into one ETZ.
  • Program-controlled sequences (pulse operation of the connected devices): up to 8 devices can be operated via one potential-free contact each. The connected device must be suitable and parameterized for this purpose!

If required, the RFID cards can also be issued by ENIO. Costs are handled directly with the customer.

In accordance with the contract, invoicing takes place annually. Each additional billing is charged at 5 € per supplement per ETZ and per year and per additional period. For example, with one ETC and 3 additional quarterly statements, instead of 120 € per ETC per year, this would be 135 € per ETC per year.
(contract addition necessary)

There are records, these can be made available pseudonymized via an access. An access (for three personalized accounts) costs a flat rate of 50 € per year. When using the data, the DSGVO point 10 applies (contract addendum necessary).

It must be clarified exactly which ETA with which billing address should be charged. In addition, the account data for the transfer of the credit memo must be specified.

This Training costs will be charged at an hourly rate of Euro 120.00, as required.

Service calls and remote services are agreed with the property managers and also charged at 120 € hour. Service assignments are possible only during office hours, no weekend and holiday service. 

Typical price settings (inculsive VAT):

  • 50ct / kWh
  • 100ct / h
  • 100ct / pulse

The sales are recorded in the period, announced at the settlement dates and the corresponding amounts transferred to the AGM, the accounting consideration of VAT is the responsibility of the AGM.

Since we do not get any information about the user's program selection from the connected device, we can only work with this preselection. This preselection is necessary because only then can the necessary balance be checked before the start.
It is important to point out that this is a prefix, it will end up billing the current readings for time or energy according to above price settings.

The portal fee is calculated on the basis of the number of ETZs installed per year. Included is the one-time billing per year. Surcharges must be agreed for additional billing runs within a year. This portal fee does not include access rights; these must be agreed separately.

In case of an order, ENIO will commission a licensed electrical installation company with the installation on site. The costs for this will be invoiced according to the expenditure in the property concerned.
The ETC costs (hardware) depend on the local conditions (inspection necessary).

As already mentioned - please charge quarterly.
List of property names, property numbers, bank details and UID no. → Use of laundry rooms/ETZ e.g. from 1.4.2019 - By when do you need the data at the latest so that smooth use is possible/guaranteed?
According to the contract, the portal fees etc. are calculated per ETZ per year.

Instructions are posted by the installing company.
The instructions are also available online at https://etz.enio.at/etz/ .

There are no specific service contracts. Necessary service calls and remote services are agreed with the HV and billed at 120 € hour. Service calls are only possible during office hours, no weekend or holiday service.

Hourly rate 120,00 €. To carry out the repair, please send a repair order to office@enio.at.

Some errors can be corrected via remote maintenance. It also applies to the remote services the hourly rate, based are 10 minute units.
The notice period can be changed according to the agreement.
According to the contract, the operator has no access to and no right to transmit consumption and customer data.
There are records, these can be provided pseudonymized via an access, but is not included in the normal scope of the contract. Pseudonymized means a statement about person is not possible. An access (for three personalized accounts) costs a flat rate of 50 € per year When using the data, the DSGVO point 10 applies (contract addendum necessary).
Changes affecting prices and invoices will be made only in agreement with the operator.

Do you have any further questions?

There are questions that we could not answer on our website? Do not hesitate to contact us!